Lotfi Labib reassures the public of his health after news of his hemiplegia news

Artist Lotfi Labib reassured his fans after news spread that he was suffering from hemiplegia.

Lotfi Labib said in press statements that everything that is said about him is baseless, and that he is fine and in good health.

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Lotfi Labib

Lotfi Labib confirmed that he has begun his preparations to film new works in which he will participate, including the film “Eradication of Illiteracy” and the film “Nour Al-Rais” with Mostafa Kamel.

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Lotfi Labib

It is noteworthy that Lotfi Labib’s last appearance was during the closing ceremony of the Egyptian Catholic Center Film Festival in its 72nd session, where he was honored and given a special award for his participation in the film “Wash Fi Wash”, which participated in the festival activities headed by Father Boutros Daniel.

Lotfi Labib

It is noteworthy that Lotfi Labib’s last work was the movie “Me and My Cousin.”

The film “Me and My Cousin” revolves around a social comedy, about two people who go on several adventures, and each of them has an adventure in his life.

The movie “Me and My Cousin” stars Sayed Ragab, Bayoumi Fouad, Hanadi Muhanna, Ali Louka, and Inaam Salousa, written by Doaa Abdel Wahab and Amr Abu Zeid, and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

On television, the series “Tal Al-Raheb” was starring Muhammad Riyad, Ayten Amer, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ahmed Abdullah, Mirhan Hussein, Mai Al-Qadi, and Walid Fawaz, written by Tariq Barakat and directed by Adel Al-Aasar.

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