Salma Abu Deif: My father was a textile merchant and I used to live among the fabric in his shop in Al-Azhar news

Actress Salma Abu Deif revealed that her love for fashion began in her childhood because her father was a textile merchant.

Salma Abu Deif said during her interview on the “With You” program, presented by the journalist Mona El Shazly on ON channel: “I have loved clothing all my life, and I remember the time when my father used to go and buy clothes with me. My father used to work in fabrics. He was a cloth merchant. He always saw the material, so I have a background.” In the past, I used to go to the shop in Al-Azhar and see the fabrics and live among the fabric.”

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Salma Abu Deif spoke about her father, revealing that he was a textile merchant

Salma Abu Deif continued: “I may have been influenced by my father who had a lens with which he could look at the fabric, and when we would go out and buy clothes, he would tell me what ‘helis’ you bring and what things he told me you would wear and they would remain in your closet, and I learned that quality is more important than things that we can buy and throw away.”

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Salma Abu Deif in the program with you

Salma Abu Deif explained that when she appears with jewelry at a party, she is displaying it and not owning it, revealing the most expensive thing she wore: “The most expensive thing I wore, I think, was at the Cannes Film Festival, a large necklace that was an Almaz masterpiece, all green in color. I take it in a wrap and they take it from me.”

Salma Abu Deif wears the most expensive necklace she has ever worn

Salma Abu Deif confirmed that she feels comfortable when she wears any clothes outside, saying: “I love the clothes that I wear in France because I feel that when I am going down, no one will make fun of me, and I am confident, but here it is possible for someone to make fun of me. There was a piece of clothing that I wore at the Cairo Festival, and people were very upset with me.” .

Salma Abu Deif

It is noteworthy that Salma Abu Deif participated in Ramadan 2024 in the series “Highest Viewing Rate.”

The series “Highest Viewing Rate” starring Salma Abu Deif, Laila Ahmed Zaher, Farah Youssef, Jala Hisham, Intisar, Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmed Fahim, Islam Ibrahim, and others. The work is written by Samar Taher and directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel. It consists of 15 episodes and a show. In the first half of Ramadan 2024.

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