Nour Al-Sharif’s house brought them together… Bossi Shalabi eats iftar on the first day of Ramadan with Noura, Bossi and Hoda Ramzy | news

Media personality Bossi Shalabi revealed that she had breakfast on the first day of Ramadan at the home of the late star Nour El Sharif, with the artist Bossi and her two daughters, Sarah and Mai, and the Mu’tazila artist, Noura.

Bossi Shalabi shared her photos with her followers and wrote to thank them, saying: “The first day of breakfast with my dear ones. Nour Al-Sharif’s house brings us together. Thank you, my dear ones.”

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The stars in the house of the late Nour El Sharif

The artist Hoda Ramzy and some relatives and friends were also present in the photos.

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Bossi Shalabi with Bossi, Mai and Sarah Nour El-Sherif
Bossi Shalabi with Bossi

It is noteworthy that Bossi Shalabi presents the program “The Sweetest Stars” on Channel Ten, which includes coverage of the most important artistic events, including festivals, award ceremonies, and interviews with stars.

Bossi Shalabi with Bossi, Noura, Hoda Ramzy, and Mai Nour El-Sherif

Bossi has been absent from the limelight for a while and has not participated in new works. Regarding the idea of ​​retiring from acting, she said: “I don’t know, so I have no idea. There comes a time when someone likes to stay with himself for a while, that’s enough. I’m not tired, but now I love him like this where I am.”

It is noteworthy that Bossi’s latest work is her participation in the series “Princess Baisa” during Ramadan 2019.

The series “Princess Bessa” stars Mai Ezz El-Din, Mohamed Anwar, Amir El-Masry, Hossam Dagher, Sami Maghawry, Suleiman Eid and Diaa El-Mirghani, written by Farouk Hashem and Mustafa Omar and directed by Akram Farid.

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