Partly cloudy weather and a chance of rain in several areas in Saudi Arabia

A large number of individuals want to check the weather conditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before they leave their homes to know the weather conditions, as the weather conditions are expected to continue from Thursday until the beginning of the week, accompanied by heavy rain and storm clouds that appear at different times, in addition to the presence of phenomena such as winds that blow. It raises dust, dust, and fog in many areas of the Kingdom, and some of them witness surface accumulation of dust, so it is necessary to be careful due to weather fluctuations and refrain from removing clothes hastily.

Rainfall in the Kingdom

Today's weather in Saudi Arabia

The Meteorology Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has indicated that the weather is likely to witness heavy rain in several areas, starting this evening until next Sunday. This period will also witness active wind activity that may cause disturbances due to dust and dust, and therefore it is advisable to check the temperature levels before planning to go out.

Forecasts issued by the Meteorological Authority indicate a significant drop in temperatures in a number of regions as a result of rainfall, as the weather is undergoing noticeable changes during this period and has become predominantly winter-like after a period of high temperatures that affected the country. Among the areas affected by this are Jazan, Al-Baha, and Asir. , Medina, Mecca, Hail, and Al-Qassim.

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Active surface winds

The Meteorological Authority indicated that the direction of the winds on the Earth’s surface ranges between south and southeast, with a speed ranging between 12 to 32 kilometers per hour, and it is expected that the speed may increase to about 50 kilometers per hour.

Regarding the waves, meteorology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicates that the height of the waves ranges between one and a meter and a half, with expectations that they will reach two meters. Regarding the state of the sea, it will be calm at first before it becomes stormy.

Temperatures in Saudi Arabia

Today's weather in Saudi Arabia

Before leaving the house, it is necessary to check the prevailing temperature in Saudi Arabia, which is as follows:

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What will the weather be like in Ramadan 2024?

Ramadan weather is cold these days during the day and very cold at night, so winter clothing should not be lightened.

When does the weather cool down in Saudi Arabia?

In September, the weather begins to moderate, although there is heavy rain at times.

What is the coldest month in Saudi Arabia?

The coldest month of the year is February, and the rain increases greatly, so you must be careful.

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