Qatayef and tent… Sharm El Sheikh Museum celebrates the holy month of Ramadan (photos)

07:38 PM

Saturday 09 March 2024

South Sinai – Reda Al-Sayed:

Yesterday, the administration of the Sharm El Sheikh Museum organized a special Ramadan atmosphere to celebrate the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, with the lively participation of a number of children.

This event was part of a series of activities regularly organized by the museum, whether in local or international celebrations, with the aim of enhancing youth awareness and linking them to current events in their community.

In a statement, Mohamed Hassanein, Director of the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum, confirmed that an interactive workshop was organized under the title “Here, Children”, coinciding with the approaching month of Ramadan. The event witnessed the establishment of a Ramadan tent, where the children enjoyed experiencing all the Ramadan activities and traditions that Egyptian and Islamic societies are accustomed to during this holy month.

Hassanein added that the children participated in making traditional Ramadan decorations using paper and dough, with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage. They also prepared and cooked delicious qatayef. The tent was decorated with branches of Ramadan decorations, while the attendees enjoyed listening to traditional songs related to the atmosphere of the holy month, amid an atmosphere of joy and joy.

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