UAE weather: heavy rain and thunder starting from this time until 3 days: “Do not leave your homes” and important warnings for residents

UAE weather forecasts indicate the impact of a depression on the country, causing major weather changes. In a detailed report issued by the Meteorology Authority, the Authority explains the potential effects of this depression, including the temperatures expected for today, Friday, March 8, 2024.

Emirates weather

Emirates weather

The weather forecast for the UAE tomorrow shows an unstable condition, as it is expected that there will be partly to cloudy clouds, accompanied by cumulonimbus clouds in separate areas, and these areas are expected to witness rain of varying intensity, accompanied by lightning and thunder.

The Meteorological Authority confirmed the continued instability of weather conditions from the beginning of tomorrow until the next three days, until Sunday, March 10, and the state appealed to all citizens to exercise caution and avoid leaving homes except in cases of necessity.

Wind speed ranges between medium and sometimes strong in some areas, with clouds causing dust and dirt, leading to low horizontal visibility.

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Wind movement

Reports from the National Center of Meteorology indicate that the wind movement in the Emirates will be southeasterly to northeasterly, with speeds ranging between 20 to 30 kilometers per hour, with the possibility of its speed increasing to 55 kilometers per hour at times.

Regarding the sea condition in the Arabian Gulf, the report indicates that the waves will be of medium height with disturbances due to clouds, and the first tide is expected to occur at 01:09, and the first low tide will appear at 18:30.

As for the Sea of ​​Oman, the waves are expected to be of medium height with disturbances resulting from the clouds. The first tide is expected to occur at 07:32, and the first low tides to appear at 14:12.

Expected temperatures

Emirates weather

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How is the weather in the Emirates now?

There is a depression accompanied by rain.

When does it rain in the Emirates?

During the winter season, which is from December until mid-March.

When does the temperature drop in Dubai?

In October, it reaches 30 degrees Celsius on average.

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