Ramadan memories… Hani Ramzy at the suhoor and breakfast table with Al-Ahly players

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the months full of memories for all athletes, whether inside Egypt or professionals abroad. Most of these memories are funny and spontaneous, especially with players fasting and what they suffer during camps and matches. In this holy month, we review some of the situations associated with it with players.

Hany Ramzy

a statement Hany Ramzy The former Al-Ahly club and Egyptian national team star said that he lived in a house in Abdeen and his neighbors were Muslims, and he used to participate with them in hanging decorations in the street and buildings and exchanging visits. He confirmed that sometimes they ate together, whether for breakfast or suhoor..

He also confirmed his love for Ramadan tournaments and was playing in a tournament held on Youssef Al-Jundi Street near the American University in Bab Al-Louq in Tahrir..

Suhoor and breakfast with Al-Ahly players

Hani Ramzy explained that when he was at Al-Ahly Club and the camps, he always fasted all day with the players out of respect for them. He also stressed his commitment to meal times with the players in the camp at breakfast and suhoor.

When he was a professional player in Europe, Hani Ramzi was astonished by the Swiss Neuch√Ętel officials during the month of Ramadan when they found the twins, Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan, fasting during the month of Ramadan, while he was not fasting. The same situation was repeated with the officials of Kais Lautern with Samir Kammouna fasting, but he explained the matter to them and I told them. They are Muslims and he is Christian and they understand.

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