Officially… Biden and Trump are facing off for the second time in the 2024 US presidential elections

Written by: Nihal Abu Al-Saud

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 11:38 AM

US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump received the Democratic and Republican Party presidential nominations, respectively, to compete for 4 new years in the White House in US elections 2024according to ABC.

According to the American network, the latest results constitute the official beginning of the battle that has been ongoing for nearly 8 months after the shortest presidential primary elections that witnessed intense competition since the modern nomination process began in the seventies.

The rematch is expected to take place between… Biden and Trump Over the same swing states and similar issues as in 2020, including immigration, the economy, and democratic values, abortion and reproductive capacity will also be flashpoints along with inflation and foreign policy.

The Democratic Party primaries were held on Tuesday in three states: Georgia, Mississippi and Washington, in addition to the Northern Mariana Islands, in a vote for Democrats residing abroad.

And in a post on the social media platform XBiden celebrated his status as the presumptive nominee of his Democratic Party, calling it a “time to choose” in a new campaign video. The US President said: “Today is the day of the call to action… with your voice, with your power, with your vote – in November, we will vote in record numbers, and we can do it.” “We have the ability to do this. Are you ready? Are you ready to defend democracy? Are you ready to protect our freedom? Are you ready to win this election?”

On the Republican side, the Trump campaign posted a video on… X “This was a great day of victory,” Trump said later Tuesday, shortly after he received the nomination. “Last week was a very special event — Super Tuesday — but now we have to get back to work because we have the worst president in the world.” “History of the country. His name is Joe Biden, he is sometimes referred to as ‘Crook Joe Biden,’ and he must be defeated.”

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