The Assassins series, Episode 6.. Nizam al-Mulk spoils the plan to assassinate the Abbasid Caliph

Episode 6 of The Assassins series In its excitement with the plan to assassinate the Abbasid Caliph, which failed in the last moments after Nizam al-Mulk was able to reach in time the dome in which a member of the Assassins entrusted with the task of assassinating the Caliph was supposed to be present, but the arrival of Nizam al-Mulk – Fathi Abd al-Wahhab – prevented him from Complete the command.

Hassan Al-Sabah, in turn, did not doubt for a moment about his subordinate, but rather guessed that there might be some other reason preventing the completion of his mission, as appeared in his dialogue with Zaid bin Sayhoun – Ahmed Eid -.

Episode 6 of The Assassins series With great excitement, after the task of killing the Abbasid Caliph was assigned by Hassan al-Sabah – Karim Abdel Aziz – to one of his subordinates, through a precise plan in which they could deceive the forces of the King’s regime – Fathi Abdel Wahhab – by climbing this subordinate to a high dome, taking advantage of the drunkenness of the standing soldier. On it, he shoots his arrow from that area at the Abbasid Caliph to kill him.

Episode 6 of the Assassins series continued to raise its excitement as Nizam al-Mulk felt uncomfortable with Hassan al-Sabah’s calmness and smooth obedience to orders, which made him watch him.

Surveillance of Hassan Al-Sabah did not yield any benefit, but Nizam Al-Mulk was surprised that Hassan Al-Sabah was monitoring those who were watching him and knew about him.

Episode 5 of the series The Assassins began with Hassan Al-Sabah meeting Malik Shah for the first time, in the company of Fathi Abdul Wahab – Nizam Al-Mulk – an interview that caused great embarrassment to the latter by Hassan Al-Sabah. This happened after Malik Shah praised Hassan al-Sabbah’s efforts and his loyalty to the state. He then asked Nizam al-Mulk to summarize the entire state’s offices in a small volume, which Nizam al-Mulk confirmed was difficult. Hassan al-Sabah responded and interrupted Nizam al-Mulk by saying, “I can do that,” which embarrassed Nizam al-Mulk. It put him in an unenviable position for the first time before the king.

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