Trump warns of a “bloodbath” in America if he loses the upcoming presidential elections

The former US president warned Donald Trump There could be a bloodbath if he loses the US presidential elections scheduled for next November, in which he will compete with President Joe Biden.

According to what the channel reported CBS News In a report on its website, the American newspaper said that Trump spoke during an event to rally support for the candidate for the Senate in Ohio, Bernie Moreno, yesterday, Saturday, and praised his chosen candidate in the race as America’s first hero and a newcomer to the world of politics who spent his entire life building communities in Ohio.

Trump said of Moreno, “He will be a warrior in Washington.” Moreno is running against Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Ohio Senator Matt Dolan in the Republican primary race taking place on Tuesday.

The report indicated that Trump took advantage of the event to deliver a profanity-filled version of his usual speech at election events, which once again painted a horrific picture of America if Biden wins a second term.

Trump said: If I am not elected, there will be a bloodbath, it will be a bloodbath for the country. His warning came while talking about the impact on the automobile industry and his plans to increase tariffs on cars manufactured abroad.

Trump said at a later stage in his speech: If this election had not been won, I am not sure you would have seen another election in this country.

In response to Trump’s comments, Biden’s presidential campaign spokesman said in a statement that the former president wants to repeat the events of January 6, but the American people will give him another electoral defeat in November because they still reject his extremism, his drive for violence, and his thirst for revenge.

Network continued CBS With Jason Miller, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, regarding these statements, he responded by saying that any reporter who falls into the trap of the Biden camp is stupid.

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