The Gaza War: The Strip’s unexploded bombs, time bombs after the war

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“We have not seen anything like this since the last major war in Europe,” said Mnogo Birch, head of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMASS) in Palestine, about the extent of the unexploded bomb crisis in Gaza as a result of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

While Arab and international parties are seeking to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza in the hope that it will give civilians there some safety, the unexploded ordnance stuck in the territory of the Strip and the rubble of its buildings constitute an extremely dangerous crisis.

The International Committee of the Red Cross defines unexploded ordnance as remnants of war from weapons that did not explode when activated and were left in the aftermath of an armed conflict, such as bombs, rockets, artillery shells and grenades. These munitions kill and injure thousands of people around the world every year as a result of their explosion.

Birch, who was working in Gaza until October 7, says that the Strip does not have minefields, but it contains large quantities of unexploded ordnance that may take years to remove in a safe manner, in addition to billions of dollars.

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