The Postal Authority announces a new account with a cumulative interest of 16%

Written by Heba Al Sayed

Sunday, April 14, 2024 06:15 PM

She announced National Postal Authority, for a new account called “Day to Day”, with cumulative interest and an annual return of 16%, which is a new current account for natural persons; The return is calculated and added daily, and the customer can withdraw the return daily or keep it as a balance in the account at an annual rate of return.

Those wishing to open a “Day to Day” account can go to the nearest branch to open the account with a minimum of 50 thousand pounds, according to the terms and conditions of the account, obtained by Youm7.

The fine for a balance falling below the minimum is 250 pounds per day, and there is no return if the balance is low. The holder of this account obtains a direct debit card of the “Gold” type, and is also able to obtain a check book.

In addition, the account allows the transfer of the monthly salary or pension, and the value of the administrative expenses for the “Day by Day” account reaches 25 pounds every three months.

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