The White House announces that it will not organize a Ramadan Iftar party and changes its plans.. CNN: Gaza is the password

Announce White House He will not organize the usual annual iftar ceremony during the month of Ramadan this year, and instead US President, Joe… Biden A working meeting with notables from the Muslim community, who insisted that the meeting be closed, and after this meeting, the president will participate in a small iftar with Muslim members of his administration, according to the White House spokeswoman.

The American CNN network said that the White House changed President Joe Biden’s plans to host a Ramadan iftar party with leaders of the Islamic community, after Muslim leaders announced that they would not agree to participate in the White House iftar, amid the Arab, Palestinian and Islamic anger and anxiety that the administration is facing with… The war continues in Gaza.

A White House official said that Biden will host a small dinner with senior Muslim administration officials, and those attending from outside the administration will be subjected to severe criticism. It is expected that Vice President Kamala Harris, senior Muslim administration officials, senior members of Biden’s national security team, and less than 12 guests are invited, according to a senior administration official.

Sources told CNN earlier that many people who were invited to attend declined, due to frustration with the US administration’s support for Israel amid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Another source familiar with the plans said there was little interest on the part of participants in eating and celebrating, and that it became clear that there would be a discussion about politics at that time.

For his part, a third source told CNN: “The feeling we heard over and over again is that anyone who goes to breakfast while Palestinians are being killed and starving should be ashamed of themselves.”

This year’s Ramadan comes after more than 32,000 people have been martyred since Israel launched a fierce campaign in Gaza against Hamas, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Biden had called for an immediate ceasefire, but stopped short of saying that it should be permanent or that Washington would stop arms supplies to Israel.

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