Prices in Egypt: What is the reason behind the continuous rise in the country?

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Prices of food commodities inside a grocery store in Cairo

  • Author, Yasmine Faraj
  • Role, BBC News Arabic – Cairo

When Egyptians go shopping, they cannot know the final price at which they will buy their needs. This is what many have complained over the past months, criticizing the movement of food prices in particular on an almost daily basis, to the point that many grocery stores in Egypt, recently, have no longer set specific prices on goods. In anticipation of it rising at any moment.

Most food commodities increased, and the prices of some of them doubled within a few days. Although this was due to the rise in the price of the dollar in the parallel market, which is the price that merchants rely on to import most basic commodities in Egypt, the increase and its rapid rate were a source of criticism and astonishment from many.

According to the Egyptian Commodity Prices Portal of the Egyptian Council of Ministers, which is a display portal, the prices of most food items rose by rates that did not exceed 5% during the month of March compared to the previous month.

So the BBC decided to conduct an experiment to find out the rate of movement of food prices in Egypt more accurately.

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